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Transcraft is now an official member of the Wabash National brand family of products in the trucking industry. Transcraft is known around the United States for being a premium quality manufacturer of flatbed semi trailers. We carry them for sale through our national distributorship and have a strong and close relationship with them as a manufacturing partner for our customers. We sell new and used semi trailers in the USA. We can help you find a Transcraft/Wabash National new or used flatbed semi trailer for sale near you in any of the following states: Alabama - AL, Arizona - AZ, Arkansas - AR, California - CA, Colorado - CO, Connecticut - CT, Delaware - DE, Florida - FL, Georgia - GA, Idaho - ID, Illinois - IL, Indiana - IN, Iowa - IA, Kansas - KS, Kentucky - KY, Louisiana - LA, Maine - ME, Maryland - MD, Massachusetts - MA, Michigan - MI, Minnesota - MN, Mississippi - MS, Missouri - MO, Montana - MT, Nebraska - NE, Nevada - NV, New Hampshire - NH, New Jersey - NJ, New Mexico - NM, New York - NY, North Carolina - NC, North Dakota - ND, Ohio - OH, Oklahoma - OK, Oregon - OR, Pennsylvania - PA, Rhode Island - RI, South Carolina - SC, South Dakota - SD, Tennessee - TN, Texas - TX, Utah - UT, Vermont - VT, Virginia - VA, Washington - WA, West Virginia - WV, Wisconsin - WI and Wyoming - WY.

About Transcraft Flatbed and Drop Deck Semi Trailers

Transcraft is an industry leading name among the best semi trailer manufacturers, which is what makes our partnership with them so special. Transcraft makes drop deck and flatbed semi trailers that are built for performance and durability. Wabash National wisely saw their market strengths when they acquired them. They are most known for their steel flatbeds and drop decks but also their combo drop decks. We carry numerous Transcraft semi trailers for sale, both new and used, on our website. Just take a look at our inventory.

Used Flatbed and Drop Deck Semi Trailers for Sale Near Me

You can buy a used flatbed or drop deck semi trailer from our inventory online. Simply make an offer on any one of the products listed. The aluminum/steel combo drop deck trailers are among the most popular in the series, so we can a variety of these semi trailer types on hand. Many of our customers looking for construction, agriculture and freight trailers find the Transcraft flatbed semi trailers to be among the best for their hauling purposes.

Order Custom Semi Trailers USA

Star Trailer Sales can help customers across the United States order a custom semi trailer. Not every situation is the same. This is where a family owned business with more than 40 years in the game can help with solving your problem. Call us to tell us more and how we might be able to solve your industry problem with a fitting industry solution.


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