Prestige Trailers


Get the new or used semi trailer for sale that you are looking for for your business, farm, building/construction crews or other heavy industry operation. Prestige is one of our premium manufacturing partners in the USA for semi trailers for agriculture and construction. Their main source of business for us are their drop deck semi trailers and their grain hopper ag trailers. These products are configured in the most useful possible ways for farmers, road work crews, builders and others. Learn more about our Prestige semi trailers for sale in the USA. We serve customers across the United States from the Midwest states of Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska to the Southern states of Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North & South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Maryland. We serve customers in the West and East like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. No matter where you do business, find semi trailers for sale in the USA from national distributor, Star Trailer Sales. Call us, make an offer or view our inventory online. We carry a variety of Prestige products like those discussed below:

Drop Deck Semi Trailers

Find a drop deck semi trailer for sale in the USA from Star Trailer Sales in North Mankato, a national distributor. We work with our customers across the United States to order and procure Prestige drop deck semi trailers. Our manufacturing partnership means we can place orders for new semi trailers for your construction or ag business. Star Trailer has more than 40 years of experience and is a family owned business, so you can work closely with them to find an ag trailer or construction trailer to haul heavy equipment. Find used semi trailers for sale from Prestige as well, searching our inventory online and making an offer.

Grain Hopper Semi Trailers

Find a grain hopper semi trailer for sale from Star Trailer Sales. Located in the heartland of the Upper Midwest in MN, Star Trailer sales has been working with agriculture businesses and farmers for several generations already. Look to us to get the most sensible grain hopper semi trailer for your farm or farming operations. We love ag trailers. It’s a bulk of what we do here. Take a look at new or used semi trailers for sale online on our website or call to discuss purchasing a new grain hopper trailer from Prestige.

Custom Semi Trailers

Order a custom semi trailer for sale from Star Trailer Sales. We work with a variety of companies in the USA for custom semi trailers. Call now to discuss your special order or for fleet ordering options.