Jet Trailers


Jet Co. is one of our trusted semi trailer manufacturers and part of our top semi trailer manufacturers for dump semi trailer, including side dumps. Star Trailer Sales, based in the Midwest, is a national distributorship. We sell semi trailers in the USA. Our customers are located throughout the United States with semi trailers bought in Montana, Ohio, Minnesota, South and North Dakota, Pennsylvania and others. Jet Co. works with us to supply customers with grain hopper trailers as well. Farmers and agribusinesses trust Star Trailer Sales for their agriculture semi trailer needs. From lowboys, drop decks and flatbeds to chassis, hauling and specialty trailers, Jet Co. is determined to meet the demands of industry. Get in touch with Star Trailer Sales to find the right semi trailer for sale in the USA, no matter where in the continental United States you do business.

Agriculture Semi Trailers: Grain Hopper and Side Dump

Jet Co. supplies Star Trailer Sales with both Steel and Aluminum Grain Hopper semi trailers for sale to our customers. They are also a top semi trailer manufacturer in side dump semi trailer production. When it comes to ag trailers, you can count on the quality put forth by Jet Co. Their designs and builds are recognizable anywhere, if you are familiar with the Midwest and/or the agriculture business. Call Star Trailer Sales to start working on your operation’s orders for upcoming seasons in the field. We can help you upgrade and plan your next move.

Construction Semi Trailers: Dump, Lowboy, Drop Deck and Flatbed

Construction companies use end dump semi trailers as much or more than do farmers and agribusinesses. The side dump feature is optimal for some construction semi trailers being used in a variety of scenarios such as waste collection/disposal, soil hauling, debris clean-up, building and road construction to name a few. Lowboy semi trailers are very popular with our customers at Star Trailers Sales. Drop decks are also in high demand. Flatbed semi trailers seem to have a steady market as well. If you are looking for quality, look at Jet Co. from our distributorship for both steel and aluminum drop decks and flatbeds for sale. Detachable gooseneck lowboy semi trailers are another sweet spot for Jet Co. Call our experts to determine the right type of configurations. We work with fleets and independent operators alike.

Custom Semi Trailers for Sale

Customers sometimes look for custom solutions for logistics, extraordinary projects and unique circumstances or unusual equipment and hauling requests. We can work with your company and with solutions from brands like Jet Co. to help find you the most suitable solution to your industry problem. Call now to discuss with our semi trailer sales experts in the USA.