Felling Trailers


We sell Felling semi trailers in the United States. Felling has maintained a pristine reputation for building high quality, durable semi trailers for construction, commercial trucking and more. We sell their lowboys, construction trailers, drop decks, flatbeds and other types of trailers at our national distributorship. Star Trailer Sales is based in the Midwest but can accommodate customers in all parts of the country, in the continental USA.

Construction Semi Trailers

Felling creates some of the best construction semi trailers on the market, including their lowboys, flatbeds, end dumps and others. They have a real critical eye for detail and we are proud to be one of their national distributors in the United States with customers in Minnesota, North/South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Idaho, Montana, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and elsewhere. Star Trailer Sales will work with construction companies in states like Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Lousiania, you name it! We have developed a strong relationship with Felling over the years and our family-owned business has been in the industry for more than 40 years. See what Felling Trailers is all about and give us a call! We can help set up an order, consult on the best construction semi trailers for your business and offer parts and service.

Commercial Semi Trailers

Where there is a need in the trucking and commercial industries, there is a semi trailer manufacturing brand working with Star Trailer Sales to fill the void. Consider Felling a source of fine quality and experience at building durable and useful commercial semi trailers. Felling provides utility industry trailers and OEM solutions but they are also involved with telecom trailers as well. There are even government semi trailer solutions available through Felling. Many of our customers are most interested in the construction trailers such as drop deck, flatbeds, end dumps, etc.

Custom Semi Trailer for Sale

At Star Trailer Sales, we provide both new and used semi trailers for sale to our customers. There are also options for customers to work with our team to get a custom semi trailer. Consider a custom Felling construction or commercial trailer for your business operations. If you have a special situation or equipment needs, call Star Trailer Sales to discuss the matter. Whether you are in Kansas or Arizona, we can help solve the problem.