EBY Trailers


EBY is one of the manufacturing mainstay brands at our national distributorship. EBY, based in Blue Ball, Pennsylvania, makes a variety of types of semi trailers. The types of trailers that we carry from EBY include their high quality livestock trailers for farming and agriculture. Many agribusinesses work with Star Trailer Sales and trust our experts to provide them with new and used semi trailers for sale. EBY remains a strong player in the industry, so we carry a variety of their livestock semi-trailers in our catalog. Check our online inventory to learn more about EBY trailers.

About EBY Livestock Trailers

MH EBY is a premier manufacturer of livestock trailers. Our family owned business in Minnesota has been working with EBY for several years to place orders for our clients and customers across the United States. Your agribusiness is worth investing in the type of livestock trailer that works best for your operational needs. Whether you are looking for cattle capacity or hog hauling on a semi trailer, EBY can meet most of your needs. See the possible configurations of EBY trailers on our website to learn more about how these trailers can enhance your business operations.

Buy EBY Trailers from Star Trailer Sales

Our team of expert staff can help you to reach your full potential and come up with plans to scale your business in the livestock industry. We have been working with farmers and agriculture businesses for years, helping them buy new or used semi trailers, including those for livestock use. Jake Stock and his family have been in this business for more than 40 years and have a real close relationship to MH EBY. We stand by their products. Also, we can provide our customers with parts and service as well. We work with customers nationwide in the U.S. including states in Midwest, East Coast, Northeast, Southeast, South, West Coast and Northwest. We have done business with customers in Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho and several other states. So whether you live in Tulsa, OK or Chicago, we can help. From Spokane, WA to Georgia, our staff can get an order placed for your business. To reach a specialist at Star, call 1-800-824-8167 or email us at sales@startrailer.com.