Cornhusker Trailers



Truck Equipment Service Company (TESCO), the maker of Cornhusker 800 trailers, has been manufacturing quality lightweight trailers for over 50 years. Offering many different trailer types with lots of options to choose from, you should have no issues tailoring a Cornhusker 800 trailer to meet your needs.

To this day, TESCO has produced over 8,500 Cornhusker 800 hopper trailers and continues to produce over 350 trailers annualy. TESCO has designed and manufactures many different hopper trailers. TESCO manufactures everything from single axle to 7-axle trailers, 20’ pups to 53’ combination hopper/floor trailers, rock pups, and dump bodies.

Here at Star Trailer, we have been selling these trailers for over XX years and have over 100 years of combined experience selling them. We work closely with B&M Trailer Repair, who we share a building with, to make repairs and general maintance easy whether you buy a new or used.


Cornhusker UltraLite Hopper


Cornhusker Aggregate Hopper