Cornhusker Trailers


When it comes to agriculture semi trailers for sale, Star Trailer’s premiere manufacturing partner, Cornhusker gets all the action. Cornhusker is known to just about everyone in the industry and business side of agriculture. When it comes to hauling and transporting ag products, the Cornhusker series of semi trailers really do their name justice. Star Trailer will carry some of the best grain hopper trailers on the market from the Cornhusker line of semi trailers.

Cornhusker 800 Grain Hopper Trailers

If you are looking for semi trailers for sale in MN and are in the specific market for grain hopper trailers, take a look at the inventory we carry. We have many Cornhusker 800 grain hoppers for sale in our inventory in North Mankato. Trust the experts who have been in the business for more than 40 years selling new and used semi trailers to provide you with the right assistance, service and experience in placing new orders and finding used parts, equipment and tractor trailers. The website has a wide selection.

Relationship in Manufacturing with Cornhusker 800

Beyond the used trailers that we carry, Star Trailer Sales also maintains an excellent longstanding manufacturing to distribution relationship with the Cornhusker 800 semi trailer company. Our typical orders are for the grain hopper trailers. Our farming and agribusiness clients love these things. They maintain well on the road and hold up to demand. Order yours ahead of time for harvest season in 2020.

Family Owned with Strong Ties to Industry

Our family owned business has strong ties to brands like Cornhusker 800 and strong ties to the farming and agriculture industry. Turn to us for expert advice and for help finding the right type of grain hopper semi trailer for your farming operation. We are located in North Mankato, MN.


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