2023 Benson Tractor Trailer

Order a new Benson semi trailer for sale online.

benson trailer

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Star Trailer Sales announces another sale this month as Nasir drives away a new 2023 Benson semi trailer for sale. See our website for trailers like this in stock.

Congratulations on the purchase of this 2023 Benson 53′ RAS, 2 box, PSI, Winch Track B/S, GALV, Nasir! We’re here if you need anything else in the future. Explore our online inventory.

Star Trailer Sales Staff

Contact us with questions about new semi trailers for sale. We can help setup your manufacturing schedule directly.

Benson Semi Trailers for Sale

Benson International, now part of Wabash, is one of our premium brand manufacturing partners in North America. They are mainstays of the industry because they build reliable, rugged and useful products such as the 53′ trailer purchased by Nasir. Use our inventory page and filter tools to identify new semi trailers manufactured by Benson. If you have questions about any product or need help, feel free to call on our experts to assist you with your semi trailer shopping online.

New and Used Semi Trailer Sales

Star Trailer Sales is a family owned business and national tractor trailer dealership in the United States. We sell semi trailers, semi trailer parts and accessories on our website. We have been in the business for more than 40 years providing expert service and sales to our customers across the country. This spans three generations. We can help you find the appropriate type of trailer for your operational needs.

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Now we also list and sell our inventory of products for sale on social media as well. Buy semi trailers for sale on Facebook Marketplace and follow our page. We are also on Instagram. We respond quickly to messages on both Messenger and WhatsApp platforms. Get started by visiting us online.

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