Ronald’s 2023 Transcraft 53′ Combo

Ronald purchased his 2023 Transcraft 53-foot new semi trailer for sale from Star Trailer Sales online. See them on Facebook and Instagram.

semi trailer for sale

2023 Transcraft Combo Trailers for Sale online.

We would like to congratulate the new owner of a Transcraft 53-foot Combo semi trailer. Transcraft is one of our trusted manufacturing partners and a true titan in the industry for commercial tractor trailers. We have worked with them for a number of years in our family owned national construction, agriculture, logistics, commercial trucking and transport trailer dealership. Our customer Ronald recently purchased a new Transcraft combo semi trailer for sale. See our new inventory.

Ronald is the proud new owner of this 2023 Transcraft 53′ Combo! Thanks for choosing us, and let us know if there’s anything we can help with in the future. If you’re searching for a trailer, explore our online inventory.

Star Trailer Sales Staff

2023 Transcraft Semi Trailers For Sale

Use the Star Trailer Sales inventory page to locate new Transcraft drop deck semi trailers for sale. From the inventory page, be sure to apply the following filters: Inventory page –> (condition new/used) new –> (brand/manufacturer) Transcraft. Select the above dropdown selections in the filter bar. Your results will now display an array of brand new 2023 Transcraft drop deck semi trailers in our inventory for sale. Learn more about Transcraft here and here.

Drop Deck Semi Trailer for Sale

You can easily find other types of drop deck trailers in our inventory as well. Edit the settings on your filters and remove the brand selection to see our full selection of new trailers in inventory and select drop deck under the type filter dropdown. Now, you will see a full selection of brand new drop deck tractor trailers from all brands available in stock. Next, change the condition dropdown to either all (none selected) or used to view all drop deck (also called step deck trailers) or used drop deck trailer respectively. Call, email or message us from Messenger or WhatsApp with any inventory questions, especially about manufacturing schedules for new trailers, particularly fleets.

Find Our Semi Trailers on Social Media

You can also locate a semi trailer for sale online using social media nowadays. Shop online easily for trailers via Facebook Marketplace and make offers via WhatsApp or Messenger messaging services. See our Facebook, Instagram, CityScoop and TruckPaper pages to connect with us directly.

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