Can Self Driving Trucks Solve A Driver Shortage?

Learn more about how self driving semi trucks work in this article.

Semi Truck Safety

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Self driving semi trucks with tractor trailers are developing fast and the past couple years have exhibited a mainstream consciousness of the trend. The technology could impact tens of millions of jobs, but as it stands the labor market cannot currently meet demand for shipping, transportation and logistics services. VICE News covered the tech a couple years ago in a YouTube video posted below. Manufacturers may eventually move to completely autonomous trucks, trailers are still the bread and butter. Also, it will still be a gradual shift as costs dip over a longer period of time through the transition likely. Star Trailer Sales still deals with human owners and drivers of rigs. We help obtain leasing and financing for semi trailers. See the VICE News report here:

VICE News covered self driving semi trucks carrying loads on semi trailers. Star Trailer Sales is a national dealership for new and used tractor trailers.

How do Self Driving Semi Trucks Work?

This is a rather simple question. How do self driving semi trucks work? How do they operate? The technology for self driving trucks is the same for the most part, albeit diesel powered. There are some electric semi trucks being developed as well, another first in our industry. There are sensors equipped in the rig in a variety of places to anticipate traffic, switch lanes, take turns, wait for clearance, parking and pretty much all other tasks. Just like the airlines that have autonomous tech on their jetliners, pilots are still needed. There are still drivers in these trucks as you can clearly see in the video. Interested in buying a new or used semi trailer for sale? Contact Star Trailer Sales for more info.

Self Driving Semi Trucks and Trailers for Sale

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  • Drop deck or step deck
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  • Combo
  • Aluminum/Steel
  • Construction
  • Lowboy
  • Live bottom
  • Dry van
  • Reefer
  • Tag
  • End dump
  • Side dump
  • Livestock trailers
  • Grain hoppers

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