Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Shop for semi trailers for sale online at Star Trailer Sales in the USA.

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Businesses shop online too. Post pandemic, online shopping has exploded and the demand for shipping and transport has a correlated relationship with this trend. More freight and containers are being loaded and unloaded at warehouses and distribution centers across the country amidst a demand spike and supply chain disruption during the holiday season. Also, infrastructure spending and tax season is also all on the table, a great opportunity to do your company’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for semi trailers for sale. Find tractor trailer deals online at Star Trailer Sales, a family owned national dealer with direct ties to top manufacturers in the USA and Canada.

Shop for Semi Trailer Deals Online

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is now really just an extended weekend of purchasing. It happens to be close to tax time, so you can plan to file your Section 179 with the IRS and include these capital expenditures in your strategy. See the link to view our post about Section 179 and semi trailer purchases. We will again be updating our blog this year for 2022 tax season with another post. Our team can help you find the right product, whether for a fleet, a small business or a farm or ranch in rural America. Contact us for more info.

New and Used Semi Trailers for Sale

Find semi trailer deals online using our website. We carry new trailers from our top North American manufacturing brand partners:

  • Arne’s (Canada)
  • EBY
  • Felling
  • Jet
  • MAC
  • Cornhusker 800
  • Stoughton
  • Benson International
  • Transcraft
  • Prestige
  • Barrett

We can help your business plan the production schedule to ensure we get your order delivered in a timely manner so you can put it to use. Use our inventory page to locate any specific type of trailer using the filter tools to narrow your product search results.

Other Channels

You can find semi trailers for sale on Facebook Marketplace from Star Trailer Sales as well. We respond to WhatsApp and Messenger messages quickly. Our team can help consult with your business via social media. Simply follow our pages on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected. Also bookmark our website and follow this blog. See our YouTube page as well.

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