2021 Mac Aluminum Flatbed

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mac flatbed semi trailer for sale

MAC flatbed semi trailer for sale recently sold to a Star Trailer Sales client

Star Trailer Sales recently sold a 2021 Mac Aluminum Flatbed semi trailer for sale to a client in MN. Take a look through our list of inventory to find the right new or used tractor trailer for sale for your business.

MAC Semi Trailers for Sale

Congratulations to Steven Wetzstein on the purchase of his 2021 Mac Aluminum Flatbed 53′ x 102″ 3 1/2″ arch, 18″ c/m. Thank you for doing business with us! Full description: 2021 Mac Aluminum Flatbed 53′ x 102″ 3 1/2″ arch, 18″ c/m, coil package, winch track BS and winch BAR BS, full rear end smooth with stub flaps, 2 steps and 2 dock bumpers Trucklite led lights 15 per side clear lens, side lights lowered, 5 4″ lights in center of front and rear axles aux 7 way plug, tandem axle hend intraxxx aant-23k disc brakes, ubl-102 lift kit on front axle, single axle rear slider Cal legal, 122″ spread disc brakes hend. maxx22t adi hub, cooper rm272 11r 22.5 tires 16 ply alum hp 22.5 polished xp wheels, 30″ pin setting,rear axle dump thru aux plug, 4s2m abs meritor/wabco jost alum ax-150 landing gear, airguage in enclosure stainless steel, alum air tank, flaps behind each axle 10 pair combo j hooks, 20 galvanized sliding winches 10 per side Quick Draw tarp system 53′ x 102″ headboard access door, head board shelf package, 2 trays, 4 chain bars, 2 floor boxes, installed 108″ system, 4 point lifter bow system, 7 panel tarp black, 9 lights alum headboard light bar, headboard interior spot lights led ($21,600.00 installed with FET TAX) Stock #: X2757

Aluminum Flatbed Semi Trailers for Sale

Star Trailer Sales is a treasure trove of aluminum flatbed semi trailers for sale. Aluminum is very popular and in high demand so be sure to bookmark the Star Trailer Sales hompage or inventory page to stay aware of new arrivals, special or reduced pricing and industry news on this blog. You can find both new flatbeds and used flatbed trailers for sale. Our customers include agriculture, construction, commercial trucking, logistics and heavy industry from across the United States and we are partnered with some of the top semi trailer manufacturers in North America. See our list of preferred brands on our homepage. We carry many used products across the spectrum.

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