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Buy commercial semi trailers for semi trucks for sale online at Star Trailer Sales.

Stoughton Trailers remain such a respected name in semi trailers for sale in the USA for a reason. They are manufactured tough but also with precision and utility in mind, engineering at its finest. Stoughton remains popular with farmers, ranchers, truckers and construction crews across North America. Star Trailer Sales provides expertise, constantly updated new/used semi trailers for sale in stock, parts, service, financing, leasing and semi trailer rental (rental only available only in MN, ND, IA, SD and WI). Contact Us to get started on your order or ask us anything.

Stoughton Grain Trailer for Sale at Star Trailer Sales

Types of Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton has four main categories of semi trailers for sale USA. These include the following semi trailer types:

  • Dry Van Trailers
  • Refrigerated Van Trailers
  • Grain Trailers (Hoppers or Hopper Trailers)
  • Intermodal Transport

Star Trailer Sales is an authorized Stoughton semi trailer dealer. With more than 40 years experience in construction, agriculture and commercial trucking applications, we can help your business with a variety of commercial transport or agricultural trailer/hauling needs. Call us or browse our inventory online. You can use our search filter to search only by brand/manufacturer. Be sure to filter for Stoughton trailers in your product search.

Buy New/Used Semi Trailers

You can also use the filter tool to sort by semi trailer condition: new or used Stoughton semi trailers for sale USA. Find reduced pricing and new arrivals as well by bookmarking our inventory page. Stay update on all inventory changes. Make offers on used trailers or order one or more new or custom manufactured Stoughton semi trailers. We work with fleets as well as independent owner-operators (CDL), businesses and farms/ranches in the United States. Order anywhere or discuss details with our staff. We are always here to help.

Industries Served

Our company mainly serves three types of industries:

  • Agriculture, agribusiness, farming and ranching
  • Construction, building, infrastructure and development
  • Commercial transportation, logistics, trucking and hauling

Our family owned company has insight into these industries, having worked in this business spanning three generations now. Get a conversation started with our sales team to purchase your new or used Stougton semi trailer for sale.

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