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Using our online tools, you can easily find a semi trailer for sale in KY.

eby livestock trailer for sale

EBY livestock trailer

Kentucky semi trailer sales at Star Trailer Sales online is where you can find products for your business like trailers, parts and accessories We carry products for commercial trucking, construction and agriculture use like used semi Kentucky trailers for sale or refrigerated semi trailer for sale in Kentucky. Find details for each trailer on the product inventory page for the respective available model.

Semi Trailers for Sale in Kentucky Online

No matter your city or town, you can find a Kentucky semi trailer online at Star Trailer Sales. We are an authorized dealer for top semi trailer manufacturers in North America. We can provide your business, large or small, with new semi trailer orders with your preferred specs. We also sell used semi trailers across the USA. Here are the types of trailers we offer:

  • Drop decks
  • Flatbeds
  • End dumps
  • Side dumps
  • Live bottoms
  • Construction trailers
  • Reefers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Grain hoppers
  • Van semi trailers

Contact us about a new order or make an offer on a used trailer in our inventory. Use the custom filters when searching for particular used semi Kentucky trailers for sale.

Kentucky Semi Trailer Sales

Our national dealer status allows us to work with customers across the USA. We can help your business in KY too! Whether it is a refrigerated semi trailer for sale in Kentucky or a 2019 Kentucky semi trailer, you can find several options from Star Trailer Sales. We are a family owned company with more than four decades of experience selling high quality commercial trailers to customers in the United States. We have close partnerships with our manufacturers and customers/end users.

Rural and Urban Kentucky Locations

We work with customers everywhere, in both rural and urban settings. Customers looking in Louisville, Kentucky semi trailers for sale can be found easily using our website, including a 2019 Kentucky semi trailer price new or used. Check frequently for new arrivals, reduced pricing and more options for semi trailers for sale in Kentucky.

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