Semi Trailers for Sale in South Dakota to Buy Online

Find semi trailers for sale in South Dakota at Star Trailer Sales, a national dealership in the USA.

semi trailers for sale in south dakota

Buy semi trailers for sale in South Dakota online at Star Trailer Sales, a national dealer in the USA.

Buy semi trailers for sale in South Dakota online from Star Trailer Sales, a national trailer sales dealer in MN, not far from Sioux Falls, SD. Take Highway 14 route until you meet up with US Hwy 169 and go south toward North Mankato/Mankato, NOT TOWARD Minneapolis/St. Paul. We are at Center Street, so take a right at Webster near the Speedway gas station. Go a few blocks then turn right on Center and we are near the end of the road on the right. But why travel so far? You can view our inventory online from the comfort of your home or business. From there, you can make offers, order new or contact us about a custom order or leasing and financing options. We have been in business for more than four decades serving truckers, farmers and construction professionals with semi trailers, accessories, parts, rental and service.

Semi Trailers for Sale in South Dakota by Industry

South Dakota is a sparsely populated state but one with beautiful western Black Hills and the Badlands to facilitate tourism. To the east, you have the Missouri River before getting to Sioux Falls, SD. Mitchell, Rapid City, Sturgis and Deadwood (home of many western casinos) all have something unique to offer. Don’t forget Wall Drug! Industries such as ranching, logging, mining, forestry, farming and other agriculture dominate the industry here. Wyoming, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana are all just a skip away each direction. Interstate 90 is a major US commercial corridor. Whether you are hauling freight, livestock, heavy equipment, gravel/sand/dirt/rock, grain, materials or goods, Star Trailer Sales has the semi trailers for sale in South Dakota you will need. Shop online or call us for more info.

Agriculture Trailers

Agribusiness like farming, ranching, logging, forestry and related industries dominate the South Dakota economy. Agriculture semi trailers are one of our specialties. We carry grain trailers, otherwise known as hoppers or hopper trailers. We carry regular livestock trailers for animals such as horses, pigs/hogs, cattle, chickens, turkey and sheep. We also have a wide selection of livestock semi trailers in our inventory, both new and used in all categories. Take a look through our inventory and set your filters accordingly, starting with semi trailer types, select “livestock”.

Construction Trailers

Star Trailer Sales carries a wide variety of new and used construction trailers used in a wide variety of applications including hauling, dumping and the like. Here are some of the semi trailer types from top semi trailer manufacturers that we have in our online inventory:

  • construction trailers
  • lowboy semi trailers
  • live bottom semi trailers
  • end dump semi trailers
  • side dump semi trailers
  • drop deck semi trailers
  • flatbed semi trailers

Some of the top brands of semi trailers for sale in South Dakota in our online inventory include names like Utility, Great Dane, East, Felling, Jet Co., Stoughton, Transcraft, MAC Trailers, Wabash National, Benson International and several others. Use the search tools to filter by brand/manufacturer. We work closely with manufacturing partners in North America (Canada/USA). Contact us for new orders.

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