Semi Trailers for Sale in South Carolina to Buy Online

Find semi trailers for sale in South Carolina online at Star Trailer Sales, a national semi trailer dealer in the USA.

semi trailers for sale in south carolina

Livestock trailers and other semi trailers for sale in South Carolina at Star Trailer Sales USA.

Buy semi trailers for sale in South Carolina online at Star Trailer Sales, a national dealer of top quality semi trailers, equipment and products. We are partnered with top semi trailer manufacturers across North America, namely the USA and Canada. We are a family owned business with more than 40 years of experience helping construction companies, logistics firms, commercial trucking outfits, independent owner-operators, agribusiness, contractors and the like find semi trailers for sale, both new and used. See our online inventory for more details on specific products and new arrivals. Contact us about financing and leasing options or to consult on a new order straight from the manufacturer. 

Semi Trailers for Sale in South Carolina Industries

South Carolina has a crisscrossing network of infrastructure dependent upon good infrastructure and logistics. Find semi trailers for sale in South Carolina to meet the growing demand for services of the local economy in South and North Carolina but also Georgia and Florida. Here in South Carolina, the main export is cotton. Poultry and beef cattle ranching and farming also make the state an agriculture and agribusiness hub, so finding livestock trailers for sale online is important. You can find them here. Agribusiness remains the state’s number one sector. Other top sectors include aerospace and aviation; automotive manufacturing; biotechnology and life sciences; transportation; and recycling. Find semi trailers for sale in South Carolina in our online inventory to meet the demand of all these industries and more. 

Types of Semi Trailers for Sale

Star Trailer Sales offers a variety of types of semi trailers for sale in both new and used condition. You can also order to custom manufacture through our partner manufacturing relationships. Semi trailer types include the following:

  • Side dump and end dump semi trailers
  • Livestock trailers
  • Construction trailers
  • Live bottom trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Drop deck trailers
  • Van trailers
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Hoppers and grain trailers
  • Reefers

Brands and Manufacturers

As a national dealer, we have close relationships with top semi trailer manufacturers and brands including Felling, EBY, MAC Trailers, Cornhusker 800, Transcraft, Wabash National, Benson International, Arne’s, Jet, Prestige and Stoughton to name a few of the titans of this industry. We work with commercial trucking and logistics fleets as well as independent owner-operators. Order a new custom semi trailer from Star Trailer Sales by consulting with us on your budget, configuration requirements, quantity and timeline for readiness. Make offers on used semi trailers for sale from Utility, Fontaine, Great Dane, East and several others as well. 

Semi Trailer Deals, Discounts, Financing and Leasing Options

Of course, you can find online deals and offers such as special pricing, reduced pricing, new arrivals and more in our online inventory. You can also work with us to obtain financing and leasing for your new or used semi trailer. Contact us to get started on the process.

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