Semi Trailers for Sale in Michigan Online

Find a semi trailer for sale in Michigan (MI) online searching inventory at Star Trailer Sales.

semi trailers for sale in michigan

Find semi trailers for sale in Michigan online at Star Trailer Sales in the USA.

Star Trailer Sales sells semi trailers across our region of the Upper Midwest. Michigan residents and businesses have the opportunity to use the search tools and online inventory available on the Star Trailer Sales website to find semi trailers for sale in Michigan. Michigan is a state that has automotive talent and heavy industry in its residents’ blood. Trucks line the busy freeways and wind through the rural areas of the state as well. Star Trailer Sales enjoys the company of clients from this other Great Lake State. A Business Insider author and associated post recently proclaimed that if the great lakes region were its own economy it would be the world’s third largest. For more than 40 years, our family business has worked with construction, agriculture, trucking/logistics and heavy industry sectors with semi trailer sales in MN, MI, WI and other upper Midwest states.

Independent Owners and Fleets

We work with both. Our focus is on service and selection. It doesn’t matter if we are working with an independent owner-operator, a small trucking outfit, a farmer, construction crew or large logistics team or construction firm. Our family owned business has the experience across these diverse industries to consult with customers on new orders and used inventory alike as well as parts, service, rental, financing and leasing. Call us to learn more about our offerings to MI residents and businesses looking for semi trailers for sale in Michigan.

Semi Trailers for Sale in Michigan Search Tools

Using the search tools to filter your inventory search on Star Trailer Sales, you will be able to locate trailers by type, condition and manufacturer and you can sort by price, year, etc. There are three main types of trailers that Star Trailer Sales usually deals with:

  1. Construction Trailers
  2. Agriculture Trailers
  3. Freight, Logistics, Commercial Trucking Trailers

The trailer types search narrows that down even more specifically for use in these industries:

  1. Lowboys, end dumps, drop decks, live bottoms and flatbeds
  2. Livestock, grain and hopper trailers
  3. Van semi trailers

Brand Partners in North America

As we work closely with our customers in the United States and nearby Michigan and other upper Midwest states, we also work very closely with our brand partners. These are the top semi trailer manufacturers in North America. You can use the filters also to select what specific brand or manufacturer you are looking for in semi trailers for sale in Michigan. Find the latest arrivals by following our inventory page or contacting us to find out what hasn’t been listed yet.

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