End Dump Semi Trailer Sales USA From National Dealer

Find a suitable end dump semi trailer for sale USA from Star Trailer Sales, a leader in construction and agriculture trailer sales.

mac end dump semi trailer for sale

End Dump Semi Trailer Inventory at Star Trailer Sales in the USA.

Trying to find end dump semi trailers for sale USA? It can be overwhelming searching online for end dump trailers. These trailers are in high demand from semi trailer dealers in the USA, but Star Trailer Sales has a revolving inventory of new and used end dumps available for sale on their website. This family owned business with 40 years of experience across three generations can consult with your business. We work with customers across the country in the following industries:

  • Construction and building
  • Agriculture, agribusiness, farming and ranching
  • Livestock hauling and transport
  • Commercial trucking fleets
  • Delivery and logistics
  • Independent owner-operator distributors

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End Dump Semi Trailer New Arrival

New and used end dump trailers for sale can be found using the Star Trailer Sales Inventory filters. Simply filter your search for end dump semi trailers for sale by selecting end dumps under semi trailer types. There are several new arrivals such as this 2021 MAC end dump trailer. Features, dimensions, specs and configurations include aluminum frame type end dump 35′ frame 102″ wide, 34′ body, 66″ side height v style c/m on 15″ centers, outset smoothside panels, Std panels, custom hoist 8-5-265 front fenders with flaps 12″, flush with frame, 5 lights per side. Rear two way gate, swing gate d.s. with ground control, with 24″ coal door, safety winders Tri axle Hend intraxx AA-250 TP 60″ axle spacing’s, General RA 11R 22.5 16Ply tires on tandem alum wheels, Third Axle Lift Hend composilite 13 K lift, with 4″ brakes and cast drums tailgate. Also, suspension dump and lift axle air to front and ball valve on frame, jost Alum AX 150 landing gear, alum air tanks, air gauge and ball valves in stainless enclosure. Plus full rubber flaps rear, one tow hook, Shurco Electric Roll Tarp Kit , fabric cap front and rear 4500 electric with electric rocker switch installed Liner installed by Linings Inc durapro 3/8″ x12’x35′ also line bulkhead and hoist pedestal and man door kit plastic weld all BH and hoist seams.

MAC End Dump Buy Below Cost

Take a look at this 2018 MAC end dump semi trailer for sale at below cost. The specs and configuration for this trailer includes aluminum frameless 39′ x 96″ x 60″ sides with 102″ wide frame and skirts, 12″ c/m spacing with the 1/4″ floor, outset smooth panels, custom hoist 8-5-265, Bulkhead door DS with step and grab handle, Grote LED Lights 5 per side, two way gate with 18″ coal door,16″ pin setting, alum draft arms, Jost aluminum landing gear, quick connect for air gauge front, 12″ alum air tanks, Intraxx air ride AA-250 TP w/HXL-5 suspension, General 22.5 Radial tires 22.5 16 Ply, 8 aluminum wheels 22.5 Alcoa, polished outsides and Hendrickson Tire inflation system Tire Maxx Pro.

Other End Dump Semi Trailers for Sale

Our current inventory of end dump trailers is available online. The inventory will be updated from time to time, so bookmark the inventory page for future reference. Here are a couple of items currently in our inventory now, both from MAC trailers :

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