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It is very important to understand the ordering process for semi trailers as it relates to your individual business. There is a process for building semi trailers that needs to be taken into account months before you put the order in to ensure the smooth transition in your business between ordering, receiving then finally putting the trailer on the road to be used in your particular industry or operation.

Why Is Ordering Ahead So Important?

Consider you are a farmer. You have a certain season that work intensifies and product (livestock, crops, grain, etc.) needs to be on the move. The fall 2020 season will be an important one for you. A delay in the build process or delivery of the new grain/hopper or livestock trailer you need will put further strain on your operations. It may cause other delays. The same can be said in construction or logistics. It makes sense to get started several months in advance. Trailer manufacturers sometimes have issues just like any other business and you don’t wan’t a delay to impact you. Be mindful of output considerations.

Benefit to Ordering in Advance

Ordering your semi trailer in advance will help you in the business process and it might even help you earn more profit or realize savings. It will definitely help alleviate unforeseen problems. You will also be able to work with the sales and service professionals at Star Trailer throughout the process so you can ensure there are no loose ends. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Consultation and communication channel with builder over time ensures no snags in the process
  • More time to select the right semi trailer build and manufacturer
  • More time to plan your business operations and profit projections
  • Ensure timely delivery of trailers for on the road use

Order for Fall 2020

It’s time to start thinking about your fall order for 2020. The new year is coming fast and business keeps moving forward for everyone. Speak with a sales expert today at Star Trailer to ensure you get the right build at the right time for your business. We carry live bottom, end dump, livestock, grain/hopper, drop deck, flatbed and other types of trailer. Check our inventory for more information but don’t hesitate to call us either.

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