Stoughton Van Semi Trailer for sale MN
Finding the right semi trailer for sale in Minnesota can be a chore but doesn’t need to be. Consult with Star Trailer Sales in Mankato, MN; suppliers of semi trailers across the Midwest.

Find a variety of types of semi truck trailers for sale in Minnesota at Star Trailer in Mankato. Whether you are looking for equipment in St. Cloud, Rochester, Mankato, the Twin Cities or even nearby Wisconsin or Iowa, our expert tractor trailer staff can help get you set up with the right application for your particular industry or jobs. Truck and delivery drivers can find the right product at the right price in MN by shopping around at Star Trailer. We also provide service and parts in addition to selling premium grade flatbeds, livestock/agriculture, construction or other types of trailers for semi trucks.

Semi Trailers for Sale MN

If you are in the market for the most practical, durable and innovative equipment for your semi trucks, then consider our trailer selection. There are many builds available and we also carry used trailers as well as new builds. To order a new build, there is usually about a two- to three-month process. Check our website for inventory and other details.

Visit our facilities in Mankato or give our staff a call to find out more about buying semi trailers for sale in MN. We also serve the major areas of Minnesota including Mankato, Rochester, St. Cloud and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area). But we also work with parts of Wisconsin, South and North Dakota and Iowa. However, we can also serve the vast Midwest in states like Montana, Idaho, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska and others.

Types of Semi Trailers for Sale in MN

We sell many types of semi trailers for various types of industry applications involving semis. If you are looking through our inventory, you will notice a variety of category types. This includes drop deck trailers, flatbed trailers, end dump trailers, hopper/grain trailers, livestock trailers, van trailers, reefer trailers and construction trailers. We carry both new and used. We also have a trailer rental service in MN.

Our manufacturer partners include Arne’s, Cornhusker, Barrett, Benson International, EBY, Felling Trailers, Jet Co., MAC Trailers, Prestige Stoughton and Transcraft. Get in touch with and follow us on our Star Trailer Sales Facebook page.

Parts and Service

We carry numerous parts, supplies and accessories. Many are available on our website, but give our staff a call at (507) 625-2234 and we can try to answer your question to the best our ability. Our operation spans three generations over 40 years in this industry. We are here to help.

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