Star Trailer Gives Thanks: Be Safe on the Road

Semi Truck Safety

Photo by Anamul Rezwan

This Thanksgiving, the folks here at Star Trailer want to wish a our customers, suppliers and those in our community a safe and happy holiday. This Thanksgiving holiday season Star Trailer wants to share a few safety tips and tricks with you so you can be sure to keep your family’s mind at ease. We don’t just sell you a semi truck trailer and forget about you. We want to build a strong bond with our customers and in this industry, safety is paramount to success.

Safety Checks

Be sure to double (or even triple) check your doors, mirrors, loads, straps, lights, wheels, latches, chains, hooks, hitch and other components between tractor and trailer. Making sure these components are working properly and fastened tightly is primary. Within the inside of the trailer, ensure your load is properly secured, weight evenly distributed and all cargo is stacked safely with no tipping, crushing or folding vulnerabilities. Tipped loads can create rush anxiety for drivers and cause them to make mistakes. Take your time to prepare and your routes will run smoothly.

Rest is Key and Important for Safety

Not only will you be more productive on your driving shifts and at your destinations, you will also be better equipped to drive safely down highways, freeways and city streets. Lack of sleep leads to fatigue and even falling asleep at the wheel. Either can cause fatal crashes and loss of payload. Follow your log and get your required rest. Again, planning ahead can help you to avoid rushing and panic anxiety on your route. So plan ahead, work at your pace and get your rest. Always prioritize safety in your routine.

Drive Attentively

Many states, including Minnesota, are implementing strict laws regarding driver safety and mobile devices, specifically phones. Smartphones and other devices pose a threat to pubic safety when drivers are distracted while on the road. This can lead to fatalities or injuries from traffic crashes. Avoid tickets and liabilities by using hands free devices on the road and only operate onboard equipment as advised for optimal safety.

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