Star Trailer Announces New Manufacturer Partnership

arne's live bottom semi trailer
Star Trailer in Mankato, Minnesota now provides its customers with this line of Trout River Live Bottom trailers with its new manufacturing agreement with Arne’s Welding, ltd. in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Star Trailer is a regional and national tractor trailer sales company based in Mankato, MN. The company is proud to announce it’s newest manufacturer partnership with Arne’s Welding, ltd. Arne’s is a tractor trailer manufacturer based in Winnipeg, a city in Canada within the Manitoba province. Star Trailer will provide its customers with Arne’s line of live bottom trailers within its inventory.

Quality Counts for Everything with Us

Star Trailer President, Jake Stock, acknowledged the quality of the company’s line of Trout River Live Floor and Live Bottom trailers.

“After talking with the folks at Arnie’s and establishing a strong sense of what is right for our customers, we are proud to now be able to offer these Live Bottom semi trailers,” Stock said. “We think it’s going to help us grow by helping our customers get more production done in their operations.”

Arne’s Welding ltd. is a SAFE Work Certified company in Canada. They pride their company on creating as well as maintaining a safe workplace for their employees. The company hires a full-time safety coordinator at its welding and trailer manufacturing facility in Winnipeg. Rest assured that the value behind these healthy and alert employees is apparent in the quality output they produce in their facilities.

This is especially true for their line of Trout River Live Bottom trailers for Star Trailer clients’ semi truck driving customers. Star Trailer only works with a select set of manufacturers to ensure they meet the strict requirements and challenges brought forth from their loyal customers. The addition of Arne’s to their key manufacturer partnerships is expected to provide value to many new customers over the course of the relationship.

About Trout River Live Bottom Trailers

Arne’s builds upon the strong brand of Trout River Trailers and Star Trailer will be among its newest dealers. The Midwest United States is an advantageous market for them.

Their available Trout River Live Bottom trailers include features with many industries and professions in mind including road construction and agriculture. The trailer was designed to help you increase production levels. That translates to higher profitability.

Trout River Live Bottom trailers from Arne’s helps alleviate the anxiety and fear associated with rollovers with its solid design. The semi trailer can even be used for unloading in indoor areas. The Live Bottom may be used in any season.

Features and Design

With the Trout River Chain, a four-inch 2160 Chain provides strength and durability with 70,000 lbs. of pull strength times two for a total of 140,000 lbs. The conveyor is built upon a hardened rail system. Arne’s I-Beam construction allows even distribution throughout the unit. It can handle stressful loads that might damage other types of conveyors.

One of the characteristics that defines an Arne’s Live Bottom trailer is the rounded tub. It helps with both safety and productivity. It gives that low center of gravity that prevents load shifts when turning corners with the rig. The Trout River version is two feet lower than any competitor, giving more room from lines or loader buckets.

There are optional trailer attachments for use in a variety of applications or types of job sites. This includes the “Quick Attach” coupling for easy trailer connection. The spreader attachment provides a way to evenly spread materials onsite, such as parking lots or driveways for example.

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